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Why you need an electrical bed
Bedroom Warehouse

Bedroom Warehouse

3 Reasons you should buy an electric adjustable bed

Adjustable Beds are Now a Lifestyle Choice.

Electric adjustable beds are not just for the elderly or infirm. They’re super comfortable, convenient, and stylish.  Perfect for watching TV, reading, studying or enjoying a leisurely breakfast in bed.

They come in a range of styles and sizes; with electric motors and remote controls. Today’s beds allow you to completely control your relaxation and sleep experience. Added flexible height controls on some models allow anyone with reduced mobility to enter and rise from their bed both easily and safely.

Here are more things you should know:

Adjustable Beds Offer Flexibility

Electric adjustable beds come in king, queen, double, king single, long single and single sizes. Various mattress types fit comfortably with adjustable bases including articulated pocket spring, latex and memory foam hybrid styles. King, and Queen beds are available in one piece or split into 2 matching halves for individual use. Also available –Long Double, Double, King single, single and long single.

Choose Comfort with an Adjustable Bed

With an adjustable bed if you can watch your favourite TV show, work on a puzzle, sew, read last-minute emails or have a cuppa before going to sleep – all without having to stack up pillows behind you or lean back against your headboard.

Push a button to elevate your bed for the angle of your choice, press again to lie flat. Aching legs? Raise the end of the bed for blissful relief.

Have a Massage in Bed Every Night

Imagine how relaxed you’d be if you had a soothing massage while drifting off to sleep. Adjustable beds with massage features, soothe muscles and calm the mind.

There’s no need to worry about the bed’s motors running all night either. Automatic Smart and Safe shut-off features come with the best adjustable beds.

Customise Your Bed to suit your Needs.

Our range of customised accessories with various models is extensive. From wireless remote control to USB ports, underbed LED lighting, massage and pre-programmed positions.   Beds have never been so versatile or practical and the prices more affordable. .            

NDIS Approved Models Available.

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