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With every year that goes by, technology continues to further revolutionise our understanding of modern living. Once a piece of equipment reserved for medical practitioners alone, the adjustable bed has evolved beyond its clinician predecessors. Combining luxurious features, sleek ergonomic designs and health-focussed technology, the modern adjustable balances practicality with comfort. They also boast a broad periphery of features:
Zero Gravity pre-sets to aid in relieving muscle tension
Anti-Snore settings for uninterrupted sleep
Hi-Lo adjustments for mobility
Independent head and foot elevation for tailored control
Vibrational massages for improved circulation
USB charging ports for mobile devices
And more!

The Benefits of Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore

There is much to consider when deciding which adjustable will best service your individual needs. Perhaps you find yourself waking in the night from back pain or disturbed by your partner’s snoring. In this instance, a range of models with the Zero Gravity and Anti-snore features might be for you. The Zero Gravity feature works by elevating the legs and head in such a way that it functionally removes all the pressure on your lower back. and reduces fluid retention in the Legs While Laying on flat surfaces is not known to be problematic for your spine, those with muscle tension in the lower back will be all too familiar with the discomfort that conventional bedding does little to relieve. Furthermore, sleeping on your back significantly increases the likelihood of snoring/sleep apnoea. The adjustable Anti-snore feature works to subtly elevate the head in order to prevent the airway from closing over allowing you to enjoy a deeper healthier sleep with just the click of a button.

Hi-Lo Functionality for Assisted Mobility

Snoring is just one health facet the adjustables target. Another focus of the adjustable bed is to return independence to those with mobility requirements. If you or a loved one experience difficulties or duress getting in or out of bed, the Hi-Lo setting is a must. The feature works by vertically altering the height of the bed. This allows it to raise up or lower down to where you’re comfortable and supported while moving to/from bed. This can prove especially beneficial to those looking to maintain their autonomy or for the carers of those who have mobility restrictions. No matter the situation, Hi-Lo adjustable beds rise and fall to empower its users. In special instances where mobility is particularly restricted, it also may be preferable to opt for a Bluetooth controlled bed or potentially, a voice-activated bed. These options allow for those with more restricted mobility to command the bed with the tap of a finger or even a few words.

Other Available Settings and Features

Beyond Zero Gravity, Anti-snore and Hi-Lo settings, there are several functions specifically tailored to make life easier. The USB charging ports are designed to compactly allow the user to charge their phone from the bed without the need for extra leads and cables .The vibrational circulatory massages typically come with three intensity settings, and all contribute to improved circulation. Our customisable presets save your individual positional setting.. This eliminates the need to
manually adjust the bed to your preferred position each time you return from the flat setting.
. The under-bed lighting serves as an excellent means of illuminating your safe return to the bed without the need to turn on overhead lights that could disturb your partner. A number of adjustable beds also include TV/lounge positions. These settings work to support your posture when watching television, working on a laptop, reading or simply enjoying breakfast in bed.

Making Your Decison

No matter the occasion, the adjustable bed stands to provide comfort, mobility, functionality and convenience far beyond a standard bed. This addition to your bedroom will soon have you wondering how you ever coped before and provide comfort and convenience . we have attached a list of our available models with a guide to their features.

don’t forget to ask about warranties on all components of your new Adjustable Bed before purchasing