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Recliner or power lift chair, which one best suits your needs?

With so many features now on offer in lift and recliner chairs, It’s more important than ever to understand the benefits and differences  of each,  and how they might best suit your individual needs.

Let’s start with the lift chair.

Lift chairs provide at home support and stability to those who have difficulty transitioning from a seated to  standing position. This is achieved by gently tilting  both backrest and seat forward to place you in a stable position with minimum effort. 

At Bedroom warehouse we stock a range of lift chairs that double as recliners.

Extra available features,.

Some lift chairs also feature heating and vibrational massage to help improve circulation 

so if you intend to spend extended periods of time in your chair,  you might consider purchasing a chair with these features. 

All Lift chairs come with a maximum weight capacity, some as high as 150kg and it’s important for the maximum longevity of the chair that the maximum weight is not exceeded

Control and lift operation.

Remote controls make operation simple and many lift chairs have the convenience of a wireless option. Alternatively you might prefer  a wired remote which has the benefit  of being attached to the chair and always at hand.

Chairs with Dual motors allow for more individual control of your choice of positions.

Chair finish.

Lift chairs are available in a range of colours and fabrics including vinyl, suede  and leather.  All options are durable and long wearing  you are sure to find something to suit your existing decor.

Make sure to ask about warranties on all components of your chair prior to purchase

Maybe the Recliner chair best suits your needs

If you’re simply looking for a comfy chair simply to relax in,  you should consider a Recliner chair.

Many lounge suites are now available with an attached recliner chair but they do require extra space.   If the space is available then combining the 2 makes sense .

 Both Lift and Recliner chairs need a power source so keep in mind they will need to be placed conveniently near a power outlet .

Keep in mind that While Recliner Chairs provide great comfort, they are not a functional substitute for a Lift chair. At bedroom warehouse we have selection of both styles on display 

As  the combined weight of the motors and mechanics  is considerable for both. do consider having  your chair professionally installed on delivery

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