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We love
what we do

It’s not by accident that we’ve been in the bedding business since 1980. At Bedroom Warehouse we deal on a daily basis in facts and reality. We appreciate our loyal customer base and guard our good reputation jealously.

We maintain it by consistently delivering quality goods, offering good, sincere service and most of all we are intensely proud that integrity is the guiding principle of how and what we sell to our highly respected customers.

We Believe in Transparency

You are welcome any time to ask for full details of our products and our business policy. Unlike purchasing other consumer products, we know that selecting a mattress can be a tedious process, sometimes unfortunately based on a leap of faith! Comparing one brand with another can be hampered by sales jargon, marketing hype, – and the fact that you may only have the word of an uninspired salesperson to go by.

Established 1980.

Integrity and accountability is our ethos.

We treat customers same way we treat family.

Friendly and relaxed experience.

Honest communication.

By Online or in store.

We know mattresses and bedroom furniture.

Premium products at low prices.

We don’t pass on high marketing costs.

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