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As an Aussie, family owned and operated company since 1980 we’ve built our reputation on personalised service and reliability of product. Our loyal customer base built up over many years is testament to the integrity of the Bedroom Warehouse brand.

Every staff member at Bedroom Warehouse is highly trained and well qualified to advise and assist you in making the best choice for your individual needs. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and stay up to date with the latest sleep science from experts in the field. In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with any aspect of our service, the Bedroom Warehouse 60 Day Comfort Guarantee is always in place for your peace of mind.

Four good reasons!

  1. We purchase our bed and mattress stock in large quantities to negotiate the best prices from our suppliers and then offer immediate delivery to our customers.
  1. Our overheads are minimal. The main Bedroom warehouse doubles as our showroom, thereby dramatically reducing rental costs while offering you more than 40 attractive styles to choose from.
  1. As a family owned small business we don’t pay for franchise fees or expensive radio and television advertising, which would add to the cost of the product you are buying.
  1. Our business is structured around volume not high profit margins on individual products. That’s a win-win situation for our customers and for us. It also means that you won’t ever see huge price discounts of thousands of dollars at so-called ‘sales’ events. Ever wondered how a company could discount a mattress or bed by $2,000? This could only be the result of huge initial price mark-ups that we believe are entirely unnecessary!

We are more than happy to deliver your order to your home address (special quotes available for residents outside Brisbane metropolitan area). We charge a nominal fee for the service, which is not built into the price of your bed or mattress if you decide to collect your order yourself. Some companies do offer ‘free delivery’ but of course that has to be paid for, so they include that cost in their prices and it is therefore not ‘free’. In the event that you would like organise your own pick up, you won’t be paying for a service that you are not using.

It’s all part of our regular service to negotiate with you for a convenient delivery time. We are conscious that many of our customers work, so early morning or evening deliveries are available. Saturday deliveries are also an option so that you don’t have to wait even one more night for a great satisfying sleep!

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