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Lift Chairs

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Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are ideal solution for anyone who has difficulty transitioning from a standing to seated position due to limited mobility, balance issues or recovery from surgery or injury.

A lift chair also provides support when going from a seated position to standing, reducing the possible strain to the shoulders, arms and hips.


Appearance – at first glance, a lift chair may look like a typical recliner chair.  It comes in various sizes, styles and upholstery options to suit different preferences and home decor.

Mechanism – what sets a lift chair apart is its built-in lifting mechanism.  The mechanism is usually operated by a remote control.  When activated, the chair gently tilts forward and upward, helping the occupant to stand from a seated position.  Similarly, it can be lower the user back into a seated or reclined position with ease.  An essential consideration when choosing a model is to verify that the weight capacity of the lift chair can safely support the user.

Comfort features – some lift chair models feature added comfort, such as padded cushions, adjustable reclining positions.  Some models may also come with built-in massage and heating functions.

Safety features – to ensure user safety, lift chair typically have battery backup system in case of power outages.

Variety of positions – some models offer various positions, including upright seating, reclining, and lifting to aid in standing up.  This versatility allows users to find the most comfortable and convenient position for their needs.

User-friendly controls – the remote control buttons on the chairs are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to operate the chair with minimal effort.

Furthermore, users can choose between a single or dual motor reclining mechanism.

Single Motor Lift Chairs or Dual Motor Lift Chairs

When comparing single mort or dual motor chairs, it’s essential to understand the differences in functionality and performance.  While a single motor lift chairs are more straightforward and budget-friendly, dual motor lift chairs offers increased versatility.  The choice between the two depends on individual preference, mobility requirements, and budget considerations.

Key Features Single Motor Lift Chair

  • Utilises a single motor to operate both the lifting and reclining functions of the footrest and backrest
  • Limited reclining positions, typically with predetermined angles
  • Suitable for users who primarily need assistance with standing and sitting down

Key Features Dual Motor Lift Chairs

  • Features two separate motors – one for the backrest and one for the footrest
  • Provide greater flexibility, allowing for wider range of reclining positions
  • Suitable for users who desire enhanced comfort, support particularly those with specific mobility or comfort needs













Single Motor Operation

Single motor chairs are ideal if you need a basic chair for everyday use.  With a single motor, it controls all the electric functions.  The backrest, footrest and raise function are all operated through a single set of buttons (2). By pressing the rise button, the chair moves into a raised sit-to-stand poison.

Dual Motor Operation

Dual motor chairs offer more flexibility to find the most comfortable seating position.  With a dual motor operation, one motor operates the backrest whilst the other motor operates the raise function.  You have a different set of easy-to-use buttons controlling each motor (4).

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