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Our selection of premium and budget single mattresses is stocked with some of Australia’s best quality brands. At the bottom end of our range, we have our discounted single mattresses which retail starting at $165. If you are after a premium single mattress, we also stock some of Australia’s most deluxe single mattresses including the most super soft luxury mattresses on the market.

See below our exceptional range of budget and premium single mattresses. Feel free to use the drop down menu below, to help sort mattresses by price or mattress name. Have you seen our range of double, queen, king single, and king mattresses? We stock some of Australia’s best quality premium and budget ranges. If you want to check them out, click on the mattresses tab above to browse.
At Bedroom Warehouse your comfort is our priority.

  • 5-zone-latex-bed-mattress

    5 Zone Latex

    $380.00 $730.00
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  • ambience-by-mlily-mattress

    Ambience by Mlily

    $710.00 $1,425.00
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  • bel-air-mattress

    Bel Air

    $1,075.00 $1,275.00
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  • coco-mattress


    $130.00 $210.00
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  • dreamtime-mattress


    $240.00 $330.00
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  • luxus-by-mlily-on-bedframe

    Luxus by Mlily

    $1,150.00 $1,995.00
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  • osteo-pocket-mattress-great-price-great-quality

    Osteo Pocket

    $145.00 $330.00
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  • osteo-rest-mattress-on-display-in-virginia

    Osteo Rest

    $280.00 $460.00
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  • osteo-sleep-mattress-single-bed-size-on-display

    Osteo Sleep

    $280.00 $545.00
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  • pillowtech-mattress

    Pillowtech Mattress

    $230.00 $350.00
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  • pocket-slumber-mattress

    Pocket Slumber

    $295.00 $475.00
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  • regal-luxury-mattress

    Regal Luxury

    $405.00 $595.00
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