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We have been in the mattress business since 1980. Our sales team have a combined 62 years in mattress and bedroom furniture sales experience. Trust us to help you find the perfect mattress for you.

At all times we stock a huge range of premium and budget mattresses. At the lower end of the range we have discount mattresses which retail for $175. We also stock some of Australia’s most premium luxury mattresses with ultra luxurious latex and memory foam if you so choose. All our mattresses come with a FREE 60 Day In Home Trial period. This is our comfort guarantee to you.

Browse our range of budget and premium mattresses below.At Bedroom Warehouse your comfort is our priority.

  • 5-zone-latex-bed-mattress

    5 Zone Latex

    $380.00 $730.00
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  • ambience-by-mlily-mattress

    Ambience by Mlily

    $710.00 $1,425.00
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  • bamboo-indulgence-mattress

    Bamboo Indulgence

    $975.00 $1,150.00
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  • bamboo-luxury-mattress

    Bamboo Luxury

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  • bel-air-mattress

    Bel Air

    $1,075.00 $1,275.00
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  • breath-ezy-fibre-spring-cot-mattresses

    Breath Ezy Fibre Spring Cot Mattresses

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  • chiro-factor-plush-mattress

    Chiro Factor Plush

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  • coco-mattress


    $130.00 $210.00
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  • dreamtime-mattress


    $240.00 $330.00
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  • extraordinaire-mattress-on-bedframe


    $1,175.00 $1,285.00
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  • fantasy-mattress


    $1,135.00 $1,325.00
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  • foam-mattresses

    Foam Mattresses

    $105.00 $245.00
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