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King Size Mattress Brisbane

Best Value King Mattresses Brisbane – Buy Online & Save 5% Or In Our Brisbane Showroom

We proudly stock a huge range of some of Australia’s best premium and budget king mattresses. At the lower end of our range, we have exceptional quality discount mattresses for $605. We also stock some of Australia’s highest quality eco and luxury mattresses with ultra luxurious latex and pocket springs to ensure you’ll sleep like a king. All of our mattresses come with a 60 Night Trial Guarantee. This is our 100% commitment to your comfort.

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King Mattress Brisbane

King mattresses are the epitome of comfort and luxury when it comes to sleep. With their spacious dimensions and generous sleeping surface, king mattresses offer an abundance of room for individuals and couples to stretch out and find their perfect sleeping position. Whether you prefer a plush memory foam mattress or a supportive hybrid, the king size provides maximum support with the space needed to indulge in a truly restful night’s sleep. With their ability to accommodate various sleeping preferences and styles, king mattresses are an excellent choice for those who value comfort, space, and a truly regal slumber. For a new, quality king mattress and better sleep, visit our Virginia Warehouse or buy online now.


What are the dimensions of a king-size mattress?

A king mattress typically measures 183 cm x 203 cm (72 inches x 80 inches). It provides ample space for individuals or couples to sleep comfortably.

How does a king mattress differ from other mattress sizes?

A king mattress is larger than a queen mattress but smaller than a California king mattress. It offers more width than a queen, providing extra space for enhanced comfort and sleep quality.

Are king mattresses more expensive than other mattress sizes?

King mattresses tend to be pricier compared to smaller mattress sizes due to their larger dimensions. However, the price can vary depending on the brand, model, materials used, and additional features. It’s essential to consider the value, comfort, and longevity when investing in a king mattress.

Can a king mattress fit in a standard-sized bedroom?

While a king mattress offers generous sleeping space, it’s important to consider the size of your bedroom. Make sure to measure your bedroom’s dimensions to ensure there’s enough space for the mattress and other furniture without feeling cramped.

What type of bed frame is suitable for a king mattress?

A king-sized bed frame is designed specifically to accommodate a king mattress. Ensure that the bed frame provides proper support for the mattress and has the appropriate dimensions to fit the mattress size. If you are looking for a bed frame to compliment your new mattress, explore our king-bedroom suites range.

Can I transport or move a king mattress easily?

Moving a king mattress can be more challenging compared to smaller-sized mattresses due to their size and weight. It’s advisable to enlist the help of others during the moving process and use proper equipment, such as mattress straps or a dolly, to make it more manageable.

Are there different types of king mattresses available?

Yes, there are various types of king mattresses to suit individual preferences. Some popular options include memory foam, hybrid, latex, and pocket spring mattresses. Each class offers unique features and benefits, such as pressure relief, motion isolation, or cooling properties.

Can I use my existing bedding with a king mattress?

King mattresses require bedding specifically designed for their dimensions. Standard-sized sheets, blankets, and duvet covers may not fit properly. It’s recommended to purchase bedding labelled for king-sized beds to ensure a proper fit.

Are king mattresses suitable for couples?

Yes, king mattresses are ideal for couples as they offer ample space for both individuals to sleep comfortably. The larger surface area minimises motion transfer, allowing for undisturbed sleep even if your partner moves during the night.

Are king mattresses suitable for taller individuals?

Yes, king mattresses, especially California king mattresses, provide the extra length that can be beneficial for taller individuals. The California King is 84 inches long, offering more legroom for those who require it.

Do king mattresses require special maintenance?

King mattresses generally require the same maintenance as other mattresses. Regularly rotate the mattress to promote even wear, clean spills promptly, and use a mattress protector to guard against stains and allergens. It’s also recommended to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

How long do king mattresses typically last?

The lifespan of a king mattress depends on factors such as quality of fabric, usage, and maintenance. On average, a well-maintained king mattress can last between 7 to 10 years. However, it’s important to assess the condition of your mattress regularly and consider replacing it if it starts to sag or lose support.

How often should I rotate my king mattress?

It’s generally recommended to rotate your king mattress every 1-2 months. Rotating the mattress helps to promote even wear and prolong its lifespan.

Are there any warranties or guarantees for king mattresses?

At Bedroom Warehouse, you can rest assured with our Comfort Guarantee policy. To demonstrate confidence in our product and the purchasing support we provide, if you are an online customer, we are happy to offer an exclusive 60 Night Comfort Guarantee (Conditions apply). This means that you can exchange your mattress if your 1st choice does not meet your comfort expectations. We do recommend you visit our Warehouse Showroom, which has all our mattresses on display, where you can come in and compare styles at any time.
If you have specific questions or concerns about king mattresses, it’s always best to consult with a mattress expert who can provide personalised guidance based on your needs and preferences; feel free to contact us with any questions or queries. Elevate your sleep sanctuary now with a king mattress and shop from our extensive range of mattresses at varying prices. From affordable mattresses to more premium mattresses – we will have just the mattress for you. For premium mattresses and better sleep, visit our warehouse, or buy online now.

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