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3 Reasons why you need a Mattress Protector on your bed
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3 Reasons why you and your family need a Mattress Protector on your beds


1. Reduces Dust mites:    

Dust mites are common allergens and can lead to issues such as sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, and even induce asthma in some people. Dust mites can cause skin rashes on people with sensitive skin.

The Thing of Nightmares - Dust-Mites

Mites, invisible to the naked eye, live on dead skin cells and hair. They’re already in your mattress if you don’t use a protector. The really nasty part is that it’s not the actual mite that stirs up allergies, it’s their faeces! Imagine your face so close to a mattress infested with dust mites.

2. Extends your mattress life:

It takes time, energy and of course money to purchase a mattress. Not a process you want to repeat often.

It makes sense therefore to keep moisture from perspiration and accidental spills from prematurely breaking down the foams in the comfort layers

3. Protects your mattress warranty:

Due to health regulations manufacturers’ representatives have the right to refuse to attend to a stained mattress.

The offending stains might be unrelated to your warranty claim but the ruling still applies. A good protector is like an insurance policy.

A basic mattress protector can cost as little as $30 or from $60 for a waterproof version.

Your mattress will cost you a great deal more, so it makes sense to protect your investment.

An investment in your new purchase and in the health of your family and yourself.

*We’ll look at the intricacies of mattress warranties in a future blog.

*Just like a fitted sheet, protectors can be thrown in the wash along with sheets and pillowcases.

Their hypoallergenic design protects against bacteria, bed bugs, dust mites and all kinds of liquids which otherwise pass through your sheets and into your mattress plus, protectors keep your mattress looking and feeling new for longer. Consider investing in Pillow Protectors at the same time, for the same reasons.


*See the following links for further dust mite facts and home-made recipes to minimise them in your home.


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