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How a better sleeping position can improve your quality of life

Is your sleeping position preventing you from getting a quality sleep at night? 

Whether you’re a tummy, back, or side sleeper, a good quality mattress is one that supports your body perfectly and while that’s important it’s not the whole story.

Let’s look at how you can get the most of your mattress by examining how you use it. Those of us who sleep on our backs are more likely to snore when the muscles in the back of the throat relax and the tongue falls back obstructing the airway. When this occurs, you don’t get enough air and you can stop breathing intermittently 

When you stop breathing your brain tries to wake you to initiate breathing again and this interrupts your sleep cycle. Also Insufficient oxygen is being absorbed into your blood while you sleep. When this cycle continues throughout the night, it can Leave you feeling fatigued during the day. 

Age and weight can also play a role in causing Sleep apnea. It’s best to discuss serious daytime fatigue with your doctor 

Let’s look at how changing or adapting your sleeping position can help reduce the likelihood of experiencing sleep apnea and give you a more restorative sleep.

Which mattress type is best for you?

Side sleeping is known to reduce the occurrence of Sleep apnea where the tongue is less inclined to block the airway.

Unlike the Bonnell and continuous coil mattresses which have interconnected springs or coils, the pocket spring system consists of individual springs which are housed in a sock or pocket of fabric that allows each spring to move up and down independently as in the diagram below.

If sleeping on your side is not your preferred position you might find that on a pocket spring system side sleeping positions are a completely different experience. Each spring is free to move up or down under your body while providing ample support where it’s needed and reducing pressure on hips and shoulders where we feel the most pressure. 

This makes sleeping on your side much more comfortable This independent spring action also reduces partner disturbance when you or or partner move or turn. In addition the pocket springs are overlaid with comfort layers of foams and or latex. 

These layers further reduce pressure points by providing more body contouring and eliminating the need to toss and turn. Sleeping in one position then becomes a more comfortable option 

Tummy sleepers are also less likely to experience sleep apnea. Many tummy sleepers s like to place a pillow under their midsection to reduce the strain on the lower back which otherwise can be forced into an uncomfortable curved position 

However this can mean disrupted sleep if the need to constantly adjust the pillow arises; 

Side sleepers can benefit from pulling their pillow forward and around in front of their shoulder for increased comfort and extra support. 

So you’ve chosen the best mattress for your needs it’s time to find the best sleeping position with the best Pillow

Your pillow can contribute a great deal to a more comfortable sleeping position Whether you’re a side back or tummy sleeper the space between your head and shoulder needs to be supported . 

Your pillow will provide that support if it’s the correct size and shape to fill that space. If you prefer a firmer pillow a memory foam contoured pillow will support both head and neck, alternatively if you like more volume and a softer feel, pocket spring pillows are now available and deliver both volume and contouring softness.

Because finding the best pillow for you can be challenging, choosing your pillow when you purchase your mattress is a great time to discover how the mattress, pillow, and you work together to provide the best sleeping position.

At Bedroom Warehouse we have a range of pillow styles for you to try while testing the mattress which supports your best sleeping position so you can enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep from the first night.

Adjustable beds and problem snoring

If snoring continues to disrupt your sleep or that of your partner. You might consider the Adjustable bed option. 

Some adjustable beds feature a preset anti-snore position which elevates your body from the waist up into a sleeping position that helps eliminate snoring so you wake feeling refreshed and restored from a deeper sleep. 

As Bedroom Warehouse is a Registered NDIS provider, our staff are experienced in assisting our customers in overcoming sleep and comfort issues 

Adjustable beds are now more affordable than ever, with many innovative features including Voice control, which allows you to operate the bed, with verbal instructions, built-in USB ports so devices can be charged without the need for untidy cables, vibrational massage, and everyone’s favorite…. Zero Gravity for the ultimate feeling of weightlessness.

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