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Can a cheaper mattress provide a good nights sleep and Value for Money
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Can a cheaper mattress provide a good nights sleep & Value for Money?

The answer might surprise you.

A cheap mattress can mean different things for different people. So lets define ‘cheap’ as it can be a relative term.   If you spend $200, depending on size, a mattress that has few comfort layers, a light gauge, 4 turn, wire spring unit and polyester fabric cover but it’s comfortable because you have no aches and pains and sleep well on most surfaces, then that is a ‘good cheap/budget mattress’. 

It suits your needs, it’s money well spent.      You received value for your money.

However, if a light sleeper with lower back pain or a troublesome shoulder, for example were to purchase the same mattress then the likelihood is that it is not going to suit their needs and the mattress will become ‘cheap and nasty’ to them. 

It is also likely the same person will ultimately replace that mattress with one which combines deeper comfort layers with a posture-zoned spring unit and quality stretch knit fabric which combined provides even support, eliminating pressure points and fostering a deeper more relaxed sleep.

The moment the 2nd mattress is purchased the cost increases substantially because the first mattress was a wasted investment.  All for the sake of taking informed advise from experienced, well trained sales staff.  Yes you can buy a one size fits all mattress online with a money back guarantee but all that takes time effort and frustration If you have to go through the process twice.

So, yes! A budget mattress can make for a comfortable sleep and provide excellent value for money.

However, be sure when purchasing a mattress, you invest your money wisely. 

Be well informed by talking to specialist retailers and take time to make a selection.

There’s a long list of reasons there are so many mattress styles in the marketplace,  one of them is there is no ‘one size fits all’  It’s personal!

(The other reasons we will look at another day 😉

Food for thought.  The average person spends between 5 to 8 hours longer in bed than in a car each day.  Both are important elements of our lives, yet the dollar amount we spend on a car is disproportionate to that spent on our mattress especially when you add in the health benefits of a good nights sleep.


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